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Blog Post Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, On this Memorial Day, we pause to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We honor their courage and dedication, and we ask that You comfort their families and loved ones. May their legacy inspire us to live with gratitude and to seek...
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Blog Post Does A Property Manager Need to be Licensed In Georgia?

Does A Property Manager Need to be Licensed In Georgia?

Does a Property Manager need to be licensed in Georgia?Is a license required for property managers in Georgia? Yes, in Georgia, property managers must have an active Real Estate License issued by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and must be associated with a licensed Georgia br...
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Blog Post Forever Renters

Forever Renters

Never before in history has the real estate market been so elusive for our younger generation. Unless their parents have real estate holdings, many individuals will likely remain perpetual renters due to the unattainability of real estate purchases. Despite the challenging econom...
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Blog Post Property Tax Time

Property Tax Time

ax time! Here in Georgia, we just received the assessments on our real estate property with taxes due between July and October. You probably noticed that huge increase in your tax bill and are choking on it! You can certainly file an appeal but since most counties reassessed, you...
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Blog Post Bright Homes Rent Faster

Bright Homes Rent Faster

Brightening up your rental will help get it rented so much quicker. Here are some simple tricks we use to add more light to our rentals.1) If there are blinds on the windows, we will turn the slats upward. This small trick allows natural light to enter the home and bounces off th...
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